Benjamin Wallfisch will be a guest of the opening concert

Composer Benjamin Wallfisch will present his music during the opening concert of Film Music Prague 2018. On 19th April in Forum Karlin, Wallfisch will conduct The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and choir. Program includes suites from current science-fiction movie Blade Runner 2049, a successful horror It, a biography drama Hidden Figures, thriller A Cure for Wellness as well as scores from Inception, Interstellar or Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows. Golden Globe and Emmy nominated composer Benjamin Wallfisch’s career spans over a decade and 60 feature films. He has composed music for such legendary film makers as Steven Spielberg, Rupert Wyatt, Gore Verbinksi and Lars von Trier, and has worked on scores that have been recognized with multiple awards and nominations at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Ivor Novello Awards, BAFTAs and World Soundtrack Awards.

Tickets for the opening concert called GOOSEBUMPS! (19th April 2018) are available here.

True Stories Gala announced

The closing concert of Film Music Prague 2018 is called TRUE STORIES GALA. This concert will be on 22nd April in Rudolfinum. You will listen to scores from movies based on true events. Program includes for example Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire as well as Alexandre Desplat’s King’s Speech, John Williams’ Schindler’s List and Catch Me If You Can. And many more! Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra and Kühn Choir will perform the concert. Festival will announce special guests soon. Stay tuned!

Concert of music by ‘Two Steps From Hell’

It is official! Film Music Prague festival will present concert of music by Two Steps From Hell. Composers Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix will be festival guests (not performers). They are famous for their music for teasers and trailers of Hollywood blockbusters. Symphony orchestra, choir and soloist will perform the concert under baton of longtime collaborator Petr Pololanik. Concert will be on 20th April 2018 in Forum Karlin, Prague. The upcoming program will be massive! Stay tuned.

Next edition announced

Next edition of the Film Music Prague festival will be from 19th to 22nd April 2018. Program will include concerts and shows, master classes and panel discussions, exlusive guests and many more. We will also offer a lot of world premieres. More info coming soon. Stay tuned!

Film Music Prague 2017 was successful

Thank you all visitors, artists and guests as well as partners for unforgettable experience. 4-days edition of the Film Music Prague festival was successful. More than 5.000 people attended our concerts and additional program. Festival offered 10 world premieres and a lot of Czech premieres. Artists played more than 240 minutes of music. Thank you for all feedbacks and reviews, which will be our inspiration for the future. See you soon at upcoming events of the Film Music Prague festival.

‘440 audio’ is a new partner of the festival

Czech producer of the designed gramophones – ‘440 audio’ – is a new partner of the Film Music Prague festival. In cooperation with this company, we are preparing a special relax zone at Festival centre – CSOB Inspirace (Jungmannovo namestí 767, Prague 1). You can visit this zone from Thursday April 20th (6:00pm) to Sunday April 23rd (7:00pm). You will listen to famous scores on vinyls and played in top quality. Free entry.

Program of ‘440 audio relax zone’:

Thursday (April 20th)
18:00 – 20:00 Interstellar (Hans Zimmer)

Friday (April 21st)
12:00 – Back to the Future (Alan Silvestri)
13:00 – Edward Scissorhands (Danny Elfman)
14:00 – The Matrix (Don Davis)
15:00 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Michael Giacchino)
16:00 – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (James Horner)
17:00 – Memoirs of Geisha (John Williams)
18:00 – Arrival (Jóhann Jóhannsson)

Saturday (April 22nd)
12:00 – Gremlins (Jerry Goldsmith)
13:00 – Jurassic World (Michael Giacchino)
14:00 – Star Wars IV – VI (John Williams)
15:00 – Aliens (James Horner)
16:00 – Seven Years in Tibet (John Williams)
17:00 – Thunderball (John Barry)
18:00 – Interstellar (Hans Zimmer)

Sunday (April 23rd)
12:00 – How to Train Your Dragon (John Powell)
13:00 – Planet of the Apes (Jerry Goldsmith)
14:00 – Jupiter Ascending (Michael Giacchino)
15:00 – Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Jerry Goldsmith)
16:00 – Passengers (Thomas Newman)
17:00 – Forrest Gump (Alan Silvestri)
18:00 – Psycho (Bernard Herrmann)

Panel discussion with Craig Armstrong

We are happy to announce that the festival program will include a panel discussion with Scottish composer Craig Armstrong. Panel will be on 22nd April at 2pm in Festival Centre (Jungmannovo namesti 767, Prague1). Visitors with tickets for Craig’s concert have a priority access.


On 21st April, Scottish composer Craig Armstrong will present in Prague couple concert premieres of his popular works. For the very first time, audience will listen to excerpts from Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Victor Frankenstein or new thriller Snowden. From a historical epic about former queen of England, the program includes cue for orchestra and choir: “The Storm”. “Prometheus Ascending” representates soundtrack of movie adaptation about famous horror character Victor Frankenstein. And finally, the program includes a beautiful cue “Moscow Variation” from drama Snowden. These scores and many more are parts of A Story of Love – concert will be on 21st April, 2017 in Zofin Palace Prague.


Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi confirmed his participation on Film Music Prague 2017. He will present and conduct his music, composed for movies. Hisaishi is well-known for Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle and many more. His concert will be on 23rd April in Forum Karlin Prague.

Festival will honor Alan Rickman

Film Music Prague festival will remember a famous actor Alan Rickman, who played Severus Snape in Harry Potter saga. Rickman lost his battle with cancer last year. Program of „A Story of Love“ concert includes suites from Love Actually and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, starring Alan Rickman. Concert will be on 21st April 2017 in Zofin Palace Prague.